Conspiracy to defame Super 30
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Super 30 has helped hundreds of students successfully chase their IIT
dream by providing free of cost residential mentoring at home
without talking even a penny as donation from any government or
private organisation in the last 17 years. Anand Kumar has made his
country and Bihar proud with his small novel initiative.
A biopic is now being made on the life and work of Anand Kumar.
When Hrithik Roshan, who plays the lead role in the film, announced
it, congratulatory messages started pouring in from across the world.
Unfortunately, there were a few negative minds who could not digest
such recognition for an ordinary teacher from a poor family.They
tried all means to create an environment through negative publicity
based on falsehood so that the film could be stopped.

Here, we are giving you a few links to help bring the truth so that
more and more people feel encouraged to help talented students
from poor families.

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