FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. Who is eligible for Super 30?
A. The eligibility is the same as that for IIT(JEE), but the students should have poor   
    financial background.

Q.  How can I join the Super 30?
A.  You have to qualify the test.

Q.  When is the test held?
A.   In the month of May and June.

Q.  To participate in the test, what I have to do?
A.   For this, you have to submit an application form.

Q.  When and where can I get the application form?
A.   It is available in the first week of May at Ramanujan School of Mathematics.

Q.  How much do I have to pay for obtaining the application form?
A.  It is only Rs 60.

Q.  Are there any other charges for the test?
A.  No, you have to pay Rs 50 only for application which includes the test fee.

Q.  What is the syllabus of entrance test?
A.  The syllabus of entrance test is same as the syllabus of class 11th.

Q.  What is the question pattern for the test?
A.  There are 30 objective type questions equally from Physics, Chemistry and           
    Mathematics. The test is of one hour with negative marking.

Q.  When is the result published?
A.  Two weeks after the test.

Q.   How much do I have to pay for entire course?
A.   There is no fee for Super 30. It is an absolutely free program and includes free    
      lodging and food.

Q.  What is the duration of course?
A.   About one year.    
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